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About Us

Universal Trading Limited is an international supplier of a variety of products around the world. The main products are Vegetable Oil, Wood products, Fertilizer, Animal Nutrition, Copy papers, Scrap, etc.

Universal Trading Limited can be characterized by its flexibility, pragmatism and quick response to changing market conditions. We offer best possible solutions for our clients’ logistical needs and quality demands. We firmly believe that we can build and maintain strong relationship with each client by taking strict measures in quality control, offering competitive prices and professional service.

Through years of experience, our traders have a great understanding of the workings of the international trade market. Combined with our dedication and professionalism this makes us the first option as your global sourcer.



Being a globally established and recognized company with an excellence in trading a variety of commodities in the niche market. Offering the highest level of customer service, where the customers demand is our top priority.



Develop a comprehensive understanding of supply and market dynamics. Build deep commercial relationships. Leverage market knowledge to maximise return. Build a sustainable reputable company to focus on new trade routes where suppliers don’t have contacts, customers don’t have networks, competition is less established and stakeholders needs are greatest. In striving to be the best trading organisation in the world, the Universal Trading Limited is committed to:

Developing and expanding new frontiers by exploring, learning and innovating

Creating and delivering value to our customers

Building on Ukraine’s economic success through global business

Maintaining trust, respect and openness in all our relationships

                       What we offer:

  •  A reliable, dynamic and professional partner with many years of experience
  •  Quick and flexible response to meet changing and specific demand
  •  Competitive prices, on-time delivery and customized solutions
  •  Attentive, effective and proactive customer service, before and after the purchase
  •  Just-In-Time delivery from our local warehouse

                       Customer service is our top priority

Service is not just part of the job, but an attitude on which our organization relies upon. PBS Sale’s staff has a passion for the job, which is the source that plays a vital role in maintaining and handling business for years.

  • We believe in long-term partnerships, based on a customer oriented focus
  • Custom-made solutions for each individual client
  • High and consistent quality of traded goods
  • Strict measures in quality control, certified food and feed safety standards.
  • Flexibility in delivery and transportation

Capital, Connectivity, Culture

Due to the experience and global contacts we have gained over many years in the business we have established a strong credibility rating with our suppliers. We only source from reputable, quality assured, well established companies.

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Delivery & Quality

We tailor our services to meet the precise requirements of both our producers and customers. By using our industry-specific professional expertise we make things easy for you and ensure that product moves from supplier to customer with the minimum of fuss and inconvenience. In effect we ensure that the quality of our service is maintained throughout the supply chain and delivered upon for you.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

We want everyone at Universal Trading Limited to think like an entrepreneur. Our growth is driven by ideas, iterative and bold, local and global. We are not constrained by traditional approaches and we thrive on creating innovative solutions to challenging problems.


We believe that smart people working together will always come up with a better solution than the lone genius. We design our work environments to promote communication and to keep out unnecessary hierarchy and bureaucracy. Our collective intellect and wisdom are improved through discourse and debate.

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