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About Us

International Trader Since 2001

We represent a company that places a high value on ethics. When we launched, 15 years ago, we had envisioned a company whose reputation spoke for itself; one that values International Trading Ethics over the bottom line. Universal Trading Limited was established with one incontrovertible mission; To Provide Quality Products. It is our trustworthiness, transparency, and innate commitment to excellence that has allowed us to develop such a robust network of partners and customers.

Universal Trading Limited has been operating since 2001 and is specialized in supplying a variety of quality products to customers around the world. We are a young and dynamic company with stable average annual growth and experience. What we have learned in the past are the values we use in our business today:
– Reliability, reliability, reliability;
-100% Honesty (no tricks, no games) in the business collaboration;
– Always kept promises;
– Never broken words;
– Always given our best.
Our team is a compilation of experienced professionals in each business field with young and dynamic people. This helps our customers to receive best service, best variety of products and most competitive prices.

Our partners and customers are from all over the world: Germany, France, UK, Netherlands,Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Former Soviet Union, Middle East, North Africa, South America, Far East Countries, USA.
This gives us knowledge of the specialties of each market.


Develop a comprehensive understanding of supply and market dynamics. Build deep commercial relationships. Leverage market knowledge to maximise return. Build a sustainable reputable company to focus on new trade routes where suppliers don’t have contacts, customers don’t have networks, competition is less established and stakeholders needs are greatest.


The success of Universal Trading Limited can be attributed to its core philosophy which combines the ability to change with traditional values of integrity and service. It continues to reinvent itself and delivers best in class solutions based on a culture of innovation, coupled with their commitment to develop and supply high quality products to strategically aligned customers.



Years Of Experience

Satisfied Clients


Our partnership approach and dedicated account model deliver long-term sustainable mutually beneficial business. Through our international sales offices and regular market visits, we understand and fulfill our partners’ needs.

Our consistency, global network, risk management team, guaranteed on-time payment deliver the best returns for our partners.

Delivery & Quality

We tailor our services to meet the precise requirements of both our producers and customers. By using our industry-specific professional expertise we make things easy for you and ensure that product moves from supplier to customer with the minimum of fuss and inconvenience. In effect we ensure that the quality of our service is maintained throughout the supply chain and delivered upon for you.

Suitable Suppliers

We are a large experienced operator, with global footprint and contacts, who understand the needs and challenges to help both producers and customers to be financially successful. We have a can-do attitude with an ability to make swift business decisions as we do not have a complicated corporate structure. We have vast experience in sourcing quality products from around the world.

Quality Connect 

We find the most suitable suppliers for our customers’ requirements. To help our customers’ businesses grow we ensure that agreed delivery and quality terms are met. We match quality producers with customers who value their product, pay on time and increase volumes based on mutual benefit.


Why choose us

100% Dedication

In order to be able to add value to our clients organisation. we need to work vigorously on innovation, flexibility, and competitive based price possessing 100% dedication. It is the company’s mission to respond quickly, adaptable and co-operative to changing world markets. We offer custom-made solutions to our customers in food and feed industry.

Our dedication in the trading field is reflected through:

With these diversified implementations in trading we have acquired a good reputation as a reliable, client driven, innovative and competent trade partner in current business world.

Our customers come first!

From our manufacturers to your facility, we are with you every step of the way.

Quality Assurance

We conduct “on-site pre-shipment selection and inspection” to meet your product and packaging specifications.


We comply with all countries specific import and export documentation requirements.


Our reputation means everything. Having a high level of integrity is one of the most important characteristics we possess.

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