Acacia Wood Pellet

high quality wood pellets for industrial power and home heatings
quality : din+ quality
materials :pure pine wood
moisture : 8%max
calorie :4300-4800 mj/kg
ash :0.5% -1.2%max
shape :Briquette,Lump,stick
color :light yellow, white, brown
diameter : 6mm
length : 10mm-30mm
inner density :1100-1300kg/m3 min
bulk density : 792kg/m3 min

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Diameter 8-12mm
Length 10-30mm
Ash ≤2%
Calorific Value 4300-4500kcal
Moisture content ≤8%
Sulphurcontent ≤1.5%
Volatilization  Above 40%
 Density  1.1-1.3T/m³
 Burning rate ≥95%
 heat efficiency  ≥85%- 95%


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