Clipper lighter

You can Lifestyle unique features:

1. You can replace flint and inflate repeatedly use: Long service life; compare to the lighter, inflatable purchasing new can save 90% of the cost. Without leave, they cherish forever.

2. Safe fixed flame: Maximum height of 50mm, to avoid burns safer constant fire.

3.Pure isobutane gas: Tasteless and stable flame:

4.Continue and pass the IS09994: Top quality.

5.Enough gas capacity; 3000 for ignition, gas lighter equivalent to twice the normal capacity.

6.Nylon gas tant: Anti-gray and self -extinguishing, safety.

7.Housing Metal Protection: degree, sleeker, high temperature, anti-fall, safe enough.

8.Power Whee: Shousong Both off, very safe.

9.Most of the pieces are recyclable and environmentally friendly material.

10. All lifestyle lighter can, with the best and most unique system of child protection

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Size: 64mm * 17mm * 17mm

Individual Dimensions: W1.4, D1.8, H6.5

Pack/Tray Dimensions: W18.1, D13.7, H13

Size of Pack: 48

Pack Weight: 1.04kg

Individual Barcode: 84127748100

Pack Barcode: 84127749621

Transit Case Barcode: 84127359481

Case Dimensions: W39, D29.5, H28

Quantity in Case: 20 trays in a case

Case Weight: 8.32kg

Material: Metal Shell, Nylon gas tank movement, Power Stone wheel.

Shape: Irregular Cylindrical


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