NPK compound Granular fertilizer

NPK Compound Fertilizer is specially designed for high economic value crops including vegetables, fruit trees, vines and lawns. This product contains abundant nitrogen, P2O5 and K2O. It is also added an effective secondary element and trace element. NPK Compound Fertilizer can provide balanced and effective nutrients to crops. In addition, due to the synergistic effect of absorption and metabolism and also the scientific formula, the absorption of secondary trace element in the fertilizer has a much high absorption rate.

Physical and Chemical Properties:

Its appearance is white granular. PH: 6.0-8.0; Particle Size: 2mm-4mm

Feature & Efficacy:

(1) The nitrogen in NPK Compound Fertilizer can be directly absorbed by crops, no need to transform. The use ratio of the fertilizer is very high.

(2)  It can rapidly improve chlorophyll content in leaves, strengthen the photosynthesis and promote rapid growth of crops.

(3) Improve plants quality and immunity.

Application Methods:

Base fertilizer: 250-300KG per Hectare.

 Top Dressing Fertilizer: 600-750 KG per Hectare.


5/10/20/25KG/50KG Kraft Bag or PP Bag Package.

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Main Ingredient:

N >17%
P2O5 >17%
K2O >17%
Seaweed Extract >0.8%
CaO >0.5%
MgO >0.1%
Zn >160PPM
B2O3 >500PPM
Mn >200PPM
Fe >480PPM
Moistrue <0.5%
Granular Size: 2-4MM


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