Pine Wood Pellet

Wood pellet could be used as material for fuel in industrial boiler system, hydro power station and household…Besides, wood pellet is also used to replace for natural gas, coal, oil and fossil fuels.


High Quality Of Wood Pellet
Product name Wood pellet
Origin Belgium
Min Order Quantity 5MT
Supply ability 5000 tons/month
Heating value 4723KgCal/Kg
Diameter 6mm or 8mm
Length 20mm-50mm
Moisture 9.38% max
Ash (Dry basic) 1.46% max
Broken rate 1.5% or less
Density 1,27kg/dm3
Sulfur content 0.05% max
Chlorine 0.05% max
Material Rubber, acacia, pine wood
Packing 700-800kg/jumbo in container 40ft
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