Sesame Oil

Color : Pale Yellow

Flavor : Bland

Apearance :Clear

B.R. at 40°c corresponding to RI at 40°c 58.0 to 61.0, 1.4646 – 1.4694

Saponification Value : 190 to 195

Iodine Value : 103 to 120

Bellier’s Test (Terbility Temp. Acitic Acid Method) : 22°c (Max)

Unsaponifiable Matter : (Max 1.6%

Acid Value : 6% (Max)

Spec. Grafity : 0.910 – 0.925

Refraction Value :1.472

Peroxid Value : 1.5MEQ/Kg.

Smokepoint : 190-250C

Impurities Negative

Cotton Negative

Adulteration Negative



Packaging Metal Drums of 190 Kg. net.Capacity of 20 ´FCL is 15.2 tons


Color Pale Yellow
Flavor Bland
Purpose It’s primarily used for cooking (it gives a great boost to any Asian stir-fry, noodle dish, or soup
Ingredient Sesame oil
Serving Suggestion Our sesame oil can also be used as a flavoring, though the flavor is mild. It’s also more suitable for cooking than dark sesame oil. Frying oil and salad oil are generally used for making fried food at home.
Nutrition information

typical values per 100g


Energy 3700KJ


Protein 0g


Carbohydrate 0g


Sodium 0mg


Fat 100g


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